2018 Lewis County Election Results

voteredblueAugust 2, 2018, Tennessee held elections across the state.

Here are your local, official results.

In the mayoral race, Jonah Keltner was elected with 1912 votes over Bill Webb’s 1438.

Sandra Clayton was re-elected as County Clerk with a total of 2183 votes over Jan Mayes’ 1339.

In each district, commissioners and constables were elected, and each odd number district also elected school board officials.

In District 1, Jerry Ashmore and Michael King were elected as commissioners with Cassie Couch retaining her seat as school board Member and Zeke Sharp as constable.

District 2 saw Brian Peery winning the votes as he takes the commissioners seat and Joe Bell beat out Donn Kraemer for the position as constable.

In District 3, Larry Hensley retained his seat as commissioner with Timmie Hinson being newly elected. Lindsey Himes is also a newcomer as she takes her seat at the school board. In the constable’s race, Lawrence Kinzie beat out Ricky Carter.

District 4 saw Wendell Kelley returning to the commissioners seat and welcomed Earl Taylor as he was newly elected. Jonathan Pitts beat out Ralph Tackett for the constable seat.

In District 5, Austin Carroll was welcomed as a new commissioner while Patrick Halfacre ll beat out Shane Blackwood by just one point. Phyllis Townsend returns to the school board with 225 votes over Jeff Gandy’s 173. David Rentschler was voted in as constable of the fifth district.

Landis Turner fell short of the commission by 47 votes. Jim Grinder returned to his commissioner’s seat in District 6 while Aren Ragsdale was newly elected.

District 7 welcomed two new commissioners to the table: T.J. Hinson and Allison Tanner. Johnny Clayton defeats Mike West for the school board vote while David McRight was elected as constable.

Connie Sharp and Billy Dyer beat out Doug Jobbitt for the commissioner seat in District 8, with Richie Mayberry ll elected as constable.

Jason Fite was welcome to the commission in District 9 while Ronnie Brewer retained his seat. Rick Brewer was defeated by Ritchie Brewer for the school board vote, and Ryan Johnston was elected as constable.


Regarding the Governor’s race, Lewis County citizens voted as follows:

Republican:  Bill Lee    878 votes    35.7%

Diane Black 638 votes 26%

Randy Boyd 603 votes  24.5%

Democrat:    Karl Dean  570 votes    86.8%

Craig Fitzhugh 71 votes   10.8%

Mezianne Payne 16 votes  2.4%

Regarding the Senate race, Lewis County citizens voted as follows:

Republican: Marsha Black  2023 votes  87.2%

Aaron Pettigrew  297 votes  12.8%

Democrat:   Phil Bredesen   624 votes   94.1%

Gary Davis      25 votes    3.8%

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