“ . . About my son . . ”

By Hulon O. Dunn, Editor & Publisher

“I am telling this for my son,” said Jeffrey Rubin almost a week after his son died of a gun-shot wound Saturday, January 21, 2017, on Slippery Creek Road. “I watched the whole thing!”

A very emotional Rubin said there is always two sides to every story. “My son (Scott) was a “God Jesus loving person” and had many friends here in Hohenwald having graduated from Lewis County High School in 2013.

Jeffrey said that his son and their neighbor had been “at each other for a long time.” Rubin said his son had been threatened eleven times by the neighbor. “There was no weapon, no lead pipe. They were arguing.”

“He was a good human being. A good son. A good boy. It’s rough. I want justice for my son; from the courts or from God.”

Lewis County Sheriff Dwayne Kilpatrick said that he planned to present the case at the February Grand Jury, but the District Attorney wanted to wait because an autopsy report has not come back yet.

Kilpatrick reports that the Rubin family, originally from California,  has their property up for sale. 

The Sheriff Department did respond to another call at the Slippery address in the last week or so to a trespasser who was looking to purchase the property.

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