City to “move in a different direction;” Mayor names Kelsey new Chief of Police


In an abrupt change of direction, the city mayor released two top officials at the Hohenwald Police Department Monday morning.

Announced as a retirement, Chief of Police Sam Livingston stepped down from his position of 20 years with the City, expressing his appreciation to the City for the opportunity.

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Mayor Danny McKnight offered a retirement to Captain Earl Taylor who served in City law enforcement for 15 years. 


The mayor declined to comment on the shake up within the department.  Chief Livingston was told the city was “moving in a different direction.”

Appointed to replace Chief Livingston was Student Resource Officer Kip Kelsey. 

Kip Kelsey

Chief Kelsey was hired by Livingston as an officer and Kelsey has worked in law enforcement for 12 years.  He and his wife, Carmen Holt Kelsey live in Hohenwald with their family.  He is the son of Kenneth Kelsey and Vickie Skelton.

“I wish them well on their retirement and thank them for their service,” Councilman Cody Mitchell commented Tuesday.

Councilman Scottie Bass stated he had not spoken directly with the mayor regarding the changes. “He does not have to get our blessing to do this.  I feel confident the mayor has fully vetted whoever winds up in those spots,” he continued.

Councilman Kevin King and Vice Mayor Don Barber could not be reached for comment.


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