District 5 Contest In Question

Officials with the Lewis County, Tennessee Elections Office reported a discrepancy when reviewing checks and balances following the Thursday, August 2, 2018 primary.

Reports state a time-out ticket cancellation was noted on the voting booth log for District 5 which alerted election workers to make a closer review of the reports.

Each machine is timed.  When a voter appears at the poll to vote, their identification is checked and an application is created for the voter.  Then a random number is generated by the system which is not connected to the voter, Isbell confirmed.  If a voter delays in logging in, the number can expire.  If a voter logs in, but does not cast a ballot in time, the machine can time out.  Election officials can issue a new number if a time-out occurs.

“Based on the information, a ballot may have been cast when the election workers thought it was a time out,” Election Administrator Rusty Isbell told the Lewis County Herald Friday morning.  For District 5, 154 applications are on file and 155 votes were cast.  “What we don’t know, and can never know because of the anonymity with the random numbers, is if anything was ever voted on or not [with that ticket],” Isbell noted.

Election Administrator Isbell alerted the State Election Commission immediately on discovery of the issue and is working closely with them to determine the proper procedure. Candidates have the option to contest the race. “We are being completely transparent,” Isbell said, “as we determine the best way to proceed.”

District 5 Results Lewis County, Tennessee, August 2, 2018 Primary

Lewis County Mayor:  Jonah Keltner, 1912; Bill Webb 1438; Kenny Durham 219

Lewis County Commissioner:  Austin Carroll 225; Patrick Halfacre II; 214, Arlind Shane Blackwood, 213

Lewis County School Board:  Phyllis Townsend, 225; Jeff Gandy, 173

Lewis County Constable:  David Rentschler, 333



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