Double overdose discovered during traffic stop

Small Child in Backseat Now Safe with Other Family Members

City of Hohenwald Police Officer Jordan Alkire places a female under arrest Wednesday afternoon after she and another woman in the vehicle were found to have overdosed on a drug believed to be Heroin. Narcan was administered to both females. Lewis County Sheriff Department Captain Matt Tiller is also pictured.

Erratic driving caught the attention of a concerned citizen who notified Hohenwald City Police Wednesday, and what was originally thought to be a reckless driver, turned out to be a double overdose.

And a small child was in the car.

 Hohenwald Police initiated a stop near Walmart and pursued until the vehicle stopped approximately one half mile further on Highway 412 East.  Two arrests were made in the parking lot of Continental Loans at approximately 3 p.m. Wednesday November 13, 2019.  

One female was loaded into one ambulance and the other female was issued a field sobriety test. Narcan was administered to both women for a possible Heroin overdose. The females are believed to be sisters, and were taken by ambulances to Maury Regional ER. 

A relative picked up the child who was found uninjured, Hohenwald PD reported.

The identity of the females was not released at the scene by Hohenwald Police . The matter is under investigation with charges pending, Sgt. Michael Dunn stated.

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