Flu Outbreak Closes School

The flu outbreak hit Lewis County over the weekend and into the week, closing the school system from Tuesday, January 29 through Friday, February 1.

Director Benny Pace announced the decision to close the school the rest of the week following an 85 percent systemwide attendance combined with reports from health providers who indicated high numbers of people with the flu on Monday.

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Extended care will also be closed and the basketball game for Tuesday was cancelled and rescheduled for February 7 at Creekwood.

Lewis County Elementary School reported a 91 percent attendance for Monday, down from 95 percent Friday. The Intermediate School showed 88 percent attendance, Middle School, 84 percent, and the most drastic drop, LCHS with 77 percent, down from 91 percent Friday.

“The student management program goes directly to the state. We can appeal to use stockpile snow days. If we had closed before today (Monday), our statistics would not have supported the decision,” Director Pace stated.

“The six percent drop, system-wide, was a significant decline. Some of it may be preventative by parents keeping their sick children home,” Pace concluded.

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