French injured in motorcycle wreck

4462 French burned bike.tif

Danny Henderson of Wildcat Hollow Road saw it all Sunday afternoon around 2:45 when a motorcycle travelling south from Highway 412 wrecked and burst into flames.

Eddie Richard French, 28, of Rockhouse Road, Hohenwald, was on a Chinese-made Lifan motorcycle and came around the curve into the straight-away and “opened it up,” said Henderson. In front of him was a dead armadillo. Easy to avoid normally but a group of vultures that left after the last auto came through were headed back for lunch. They arrived at the armadillo at the same time as French and French lost control of the bike. Approximately 100 yards later, the bike came to rest on the roadway edge totally engulfed in flames. When Henderson got to the scene, he found French on fire in the ditch line trying to roll and extinguish himself.

Lewis County Fire and Rescue arrived and put out the flames on the bike and in the ditch line. Maury Regional Emergency Ambulance personnel treated French’s third degree burns on his right leg as well as other injuries. Then he was transported to the helipad at the Lewis Health Center and flown to a hospital.

Lewis County Sheriff Deputies assisted Tennessee Highway Patrol Trooper James Watkins with traffic control and the investigation. Watkins said charges are pending.

French has been busy this year with a request for public records showing that he has four Driving on Revoked charges since January, a Domestic Assault charge from 05-01, and a Violation of Conditional Release and DUI from 05-04.

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