Glimpses of Hohenwald’s Past

December 11, 1958

Approximately 8,000 to 9,000 people attended the annual Christmas parade.  The parade had 36 entries consisting of five bands, ten floats, clowns, the American Legion Forty and Eight Engine, a stunt car from Centerville, Boy and Cub Scouts, the Columbia Military Academy drill team, Little Miss Lewis County and Miss Lewis County, the Bluegrass Regional Library bookmobile, and Santa Claus on a local fire truck.  The order of the parade was announced by Carl Tatum who was stationed in one of the office buildings in the First National Bank.

A child safety program sponsored by the Hohenwald Police Department and local merchants in cooperation with the Child Safety Council, Inc. was scheduled to begin in January 1959.  Each child in grades first through sixth at Hohenwald Elementary would receive a work manual.  At the end of nine-month school period, the manuals would be judged and winners in each class would receive a gold seal award.  

The LCHS girls basketball team defeated Waynesboro with a score of 47 to 28.  Patsy Riley was the top scorer for the team with 24 points.  The girls team defeated Summertown with a score of 33 to 19.  Patsy Riley was, again, top scorer for the team with 16 points.

The following births were announced: Terry Jane, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jess Rose; and Shelia Darlene, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Luther Shirley.

Funeral services were held for Evelyn Barber, 57; Arthur Bass, 54; and for Argyle Harper, 65.

“The Long Haul,” starring Victor Mature and Diana Dors, and “The Fiend Who Walked the West,” starring Hugh O’Brian and Robert Evans, were the Friday and Saturday double feature at the Strand Theatre and the Saturday film showing at the Highlands Drive-In.  

December 12, 1968

W.T. Crowder assumed duties as administrator of Lewis County Hospital on December 1, 1958, replacing Jerry Crowell, who resigned to devote himself full time to High Forest Academy, of which he was president.

Lewis County Hospital formed a Hospital Advisory Board in order to further the close cooperation between the hospital and the residents of Lewis County.  The board met for the first time on December 9.  

A Lawrenceburg man died as a result of internal injuries from an industrial accident which occurred at Lewis Products Company.

Mayor Dol Willis announced that plans were being investigated by the park improvement committee about the possible construction of a combination recreation and library building at Memorial Park within the next two years.  The building as plans were being considered, was to include Lewis County Public Library, a gymnasium, and recreation rooms for senior citizens and other groups.   (Note: This building, as described, did not come to fruition.) 

The pond recently constructed at Hohenwald Recreation and Golf Club was stocked with 3,000 catfish.

Natchez Trace Parkway officials reminded residents that no Christmas tree cutting was allowed on the Parkway.

Funeral services were held for Raymond Guffey, 36; Oma Hickerson, 72; and for Carlos Mathis, 57.

Powers Sinclair Station advertised that Ernest Luna was now employed as a mechanic at their facility. 

“Journey to Shiloh,” starring James Caan and Brenda Scott, and “Maroc 7,” starring Gene Barry and Elsa Martinelli, were the Friday, and Saturday night double feature at the Highlands Drive-In.

December 14, 1978

Mayor Dol Willis and W.G. Darden were named as members of a fact-finding committee regarding educational facility needs of the Lewis County School System.

A tractor-trailer rig belonging to Hohenwald Truck Lines, Inc. of Hohenwald was a total loss after a wreck on I-40 East in Fayette County.

Hohenwald now had a professional chimney sweep who would clean chimney and stove pipes.  Willis and Donna Hale had cleaned chimneys all over the Eastern United States before relocating to our community.  Fire Chief Ernest Pollock reported that there were about ten flue fires within one week in Hohenwald during 1977, and, in all, between 40 to 50 flue fires occurred locally in 1977.

The LCHS Pantherettes defeated Santa Fe with a score of 53 to 43.  Susan Curry led the team in scoring with 27 points.

Judy Pratt bowled the high game with a score of 195 and a high series with 518 at the Tuesday Night Women’s Bowling League. 

Ethel Holt was honored on her 86th birthday with a dinner at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Ernest Hensley, Sr.

“Afternoon Delight” and “Curious Females” were the weekend double feature at the Highland Drive-In.

December 15, 1988

The State Division of Property Assessments would being the initial phase of the county-wide equalization program in January 1989.  The Tennessee State Legislature passed a bill in 1980 requiring a complete reappraisal in each county every five years.

Ground was broken December 13 for construction of the first of three mausoleums in Lewis County Memorial Gardens on Highway 20.

A total of $2,300.16 was collected during the annual Big Brothers Paper Sale on December 10 and 11.  Sponsored by the American Legion, the money would aid several families with food baskets during the holiday season.

The annual Lewis County Jaycees annual children’s Christmas Party was held December 9 at Cumberland Presbyterian Church.  Following snacks and Christmas caroling, the needy children were bused to Wal-Mart where they were given $55 each to spend and met Santa Claus.  When they returned to the church, they were greeted by their parents.  Each family was presented with a gift certificate for a county ham.

Jeff Downs won first place in an amateur pool tournament held at Penny’s Playroom on December 4.  

The LCHS Lady Panthers defeated Fairview with a score of 64 to 52.  Shelly Johns was the top scorer for the team with 15 points.  The LCHS Panthers defeated Fairview with a score of 86 to 74.  Bobby Young led the team in scoring with 21 points.  The LCHS Panthers also defeated Loretto with a  score of 25 to 16.  Bobby Young was the top scorer for the team with 23 points. 

A special article about the life of Nettie Nutt was published in anticipation of her 100th birthday.  The article included her remembrances of early Hohenwald and was written by Helen Wick.

Thomas Horner and Lesa Murphy announced the birth of their daughter, Tasheena Nicole.

Mr. and Mrs. Clint Goodman celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a tea hosted by their children.

Nancy Spears was honored on her birthday with a surprise dinner given at the home of Don and Willie Ann Baker in Waverly.

Funeral services were held for Christine Mitchell, 62; and for Josef Perny, 65.

December 17, 1998

The G.F. Puhl Company, which opened a facility hereafter purchasing the Transit Plastic Extrusions building in 1993, laid off 13 of its 20 employees due to economic slowdowns.

William Hess, who had worked in Hohenwald as a Certified Public Accountant for 16 years and then in taxes for four years, announced his retirement effective January 1, 1999.  His business was sold to Sanders Tax Service, effective January 2, 1999.

Pat Galloway was named Booster of the Year for her support of the Panther team.

Applications were now being accepted for the title of Mrs. Lewis County, International Official Preliminary to the Mrs. Tennessee International Pageant.

The LCHS Lady Panthers defeated Hickman County with a score of 53 to 33. Sioban Amacher was the top scorer for the team with 12 points.  The LCHS Panthers defeated Giles County with a score of 81 to 71.

Wendell and Michaelena Kelley announced the birth of their daughter, Hope Marchea Kelley.

A Welcome Home party was held for J.B. and Wilma Landers, having retired and returned to Hohenwald after living 22 years in Mississippi.

Funeral services were held for Velma Clay, 71; Frances Duncan, 80; and for Austin Talley, 76.

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