Glimpses of Hohenwald’s Past By Crystal Nash

June 11, 1959

F.A. Goodman, president of the Hohenwald Bank and Trust Company, was appointed chair of the Lewis County Savings Bond Committee.  He succeeded T.E. Poore.

Mary Smith was selected to assume the duties of Lewis County Home Agent effective June 15, 1959.  She succeeded Betty Hinson.

Charles Talley attended the tenth annual Tennessee Forestry Training Camp at Fall Creek Falls State Park.

The 31st annual Hohenwald, Tennessee reunion and picnic was scheduled for June 21 at Lowel Park in Dixon, Illinois.

A break-in was reported at the Lewis County Farmer’s Cooperative.  Entry was gained by breaking the windows in two doors.  Money was taken from the drink machine, but no other theft or damage was noticed.

The following births were announced: Cleveland Eugene, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Flippo, Jr.; Dwight Gene, son of Mr. and Mrs. Rubie Pope; and Marsha Kay, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Billy Duncan.

Funeral services were held for Roxie Fielder.

“Ride Lonesome,” starring Randolph Scott, and “The Lost Missile” were the Friday and Saturday double feature moviesat the Strand Theatre and the Saturday feature at the Highlands Drive-In. 

June 12, 1969

A Hohenwald man was in jail following the shooting of a teenage boy.  The assailant gave no reason for the shooting.

Members of the Dixie Youth Baseball team sponsored by Henry I. Siegel Company tied with the Hohenwald Bank team for first place in the league, each team having 7 wins and 1 loss.  The teams were scheduled to play against each other on June 12, 1969.

Navy Engineerman Second Class Donald Duncan was serving on a river patrol boat on the Van Co Dong River in South Vietnam.

Mr. and Mrs. Donny DePriest announced the birth of their daughter, Donna Fay.

Funeral services were held for Steve Alexander, 16; Nellie Browning, 59; Johnny Dabbs, 72; Ernest Halbrooks, 67; Odis Malone, 46; Thurman Skelton, 58; and for Albert Voorhies, 92.

The Lewis County Jaycees advertised a Spring Carnival on Highway 20 with rides and concessions provided by Hurricane Amusements.

“Sam Whiskey,” starring Burt Reynolds and Clint Walker, and “Pendulum,” starring George Peppard and Jean Seaburg, were the Friday and Saturday double feature moviesat the Highlands Drive-In.

June 14, 1979

Seventeen 18-wheelers parked by gas pumps in demonstration of the national fuel crisis.  Residents were asked by the demonstrating truckers to not purchase diesel fuel.  The truckers stated, “They did not want to cause problems with anyone, they just want people to realize what the peanut farmer (referring to President Carter) is causing truckers to pay,” continuing, “In another six months every driver will be broke because of inflated gas prices.”

Nine people were injured in three different vehicle accidents over the weekend.

Tina Wix was named valedictorian of the 1979 Senior Class of the Tennessee School for the Deaf.

The following individuals won first place in the Jaycee Junior Athletic competition held at Memorial Park: Tony Barber, Kenny Berry, Sue Cotham, Tania Schmittou, Darla Sharp, and Ronald Webster.

Terry Grinder was among six Columbia State Community College students accepted to the School of Pharmacy at the University of Tennessee.

The following births were announced: Jessica Delaney, daughter of Bobby and Debbie Johnston; and Brandon Gene, son of Gene and Patsy Mash.

Funeral services were held for Martha Pope, 24; Waymon Thomason, Jr., 40; William Sanders, 90; Edward Webb, 55.

Hassell Kelley Motor Company, Inc. advertised that $1,500 would be given away during their 25th anniversary celebration on June 30.  Anyoneof 18 years of age or older was eligible to register to win the grand prize of $1,000.

“Wanda Nevada,” starring Peter Fonda and Brooke Shields, and “The Passage,” starring Anthony Quinn and James Mason, were held over for the second week as the Saturday double feature at the Highlands Drive-In.

June 15, 1989

A ribbon cutting and dedication ceremony was held to open the Weinhappel Room in Lewis County Public Library on June 8.  The ornate room was rescued by the Lewis County Historical Society from the early home of Franz Weinhappel on Summertown Hwy.  Officially cutting the ribbon was Herbert Harper, Executive Director of the Tennessee Historical Commission.  The new space would be used as a reading and meeting room.

A public hearing on the widening of Highway 99 (East Main Street) was scheduled for June 20 at the cafeteria of LCHS.

A marijuana raid was held in eastern Lewis County.  Approximately 120 plants were confiscated between June 6 and 7. 

Leon Hunter was elected president of the Hohenwald Lions Club.

Local anglers reported the following catches: Joel Cannon caught a 4.5-pound catfish in a private pond.  Gordon Ricketts caught his first fish, a bream, while fishing with his father in a private pond.  Evan Spears caught a 5 pound, 2 ounce bass while fishing with his father in a private pond.

Cyrena Harder was honored on her 80th birthday with a surprise party.

Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Patterson celebrated their 40th anniversary with a party held at Natchez Trace Wilderness Preserve.

Funeral services were held for James Denton, 63.

“Road House,” starring Patrick Swayze, was the weekend movie at the Highland Drive-In.

June 17, 1999

A two car collision on June 10, resulted in the second traffic fatality in Lewis County in less than a week.

An Open House was held at the Tennessee Technology Center in Hohenwald on June 14.  Approximately 350 people attended the event, including a number of officials and students from surrounding counties.  This event was held to allow the community to view renovation and additions to the facility.

A human interest story ran that spotlighted Jason and Alicia (Jones) McCann and their life in Hohenwald.

Christy (James) Shephard, and her band Rock City, released their first album, “Love Will Prevail.”

A collection of clothing and accessories from the 1890s through the 1930s was on display for a limited time at the Lewis County Museum of Local and Natural History. 

Army Sergeant Timothy Tripp was deployed to Albania in support of NATO’s Operation Allied Force.

The Middle Tennessee Group of La Leche was organized.  The purpose of the group was to offer help and encouragement to women wishing to breastfeed their babies.

Dennis and Debbie Skelton announced the birth of their son, Brandon Leonard.

Funeral services were held for Joyce Frazier, 50; Kenneth Powers, 68; and for Laura Seiber, 22.

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