Gordonsburg / Little Swan News


By Dorothy Warf

The last few days we have had thunderstorms, some pretty severe with trees down and power outages around the area. But as far as I know there has been no one injured and not a lot of property damage. With the temperatures in the upper eighties and the humidity being close to one hundred percent it is always a chance of thunderstorms, but with them has been some much needed rain. The rain helps the gardens to grow, but, of course, the yards also grow which means more mowing to be done. Also the pastures grow which is good for the farmers and those who have cattle.

The prayer list of those who are sick or shut-in or those in need of prayer, those I know of at this time are Eddie Ashworth, David and Joyce Barnes, G. Y. Bennett, Connie Bonner, Dorothy Brown, Ishmael Bunch, Dorothy Carroll, Jenny Carroll, Joann Carroll, Kathleen Carroll, Leighton Carroll, Arelus Dye, Timothy Eastep, Evelyn Edwards, Freddie Holt, Nicky James, Florine Johnston, Anita Jones, Monette King, Juanita King, Edith Lawson, Helen McCann, Wendy McKnight, Andrew Newbern, Angie Odom, Lisa Owen, J. T. Runions, Mona Runions, Tommy and Gwen Shaw, Boyce Sims, Nell Skelton, Ruby Spears, Terry Stutts, Larry Sweeney, Christie Trull, Bobby Watkins, Jane West, Diane White, Annette Williams, Margie Willis and Marian Yates. Please remember these in your daily prayers.

Happy birthday to Hunter McDonald June 27, Girdie Carroll,  June 30, Chanda Reeves, July 1, Shannon Graves, July 2 and Shonda Carroll, July 5. We hope these have a great birthday and many more years to celebrate life.

Happy anniversary to Jimmy Lee and Fay Johnston, Donnie and Mellie Haywood and Bill and Donna Owen, June 29, Dennis and Brenda King, July 2, Leon and Shirley Reeves, July 3. We wish for these couples many more years to celebrate life together.

Our heartfelt sympathy to the families of Barbara Ann McClanahan, McKinley Harding Choate, Fronia Rebecca Nash, Mary Helen Baker, Loyd Donald Plunkett, Calvin Donald Dorton, Dorothy Rose Thomas and Gladys Marie Primm. Our prayers are for these families and that family and friends will be there to comfort them. We also pray for any other families who have lost loved ones that we may not know about.

Remember to check out all the events going on in the county for your family which can be fun and even free many times. The library has events lots of days, and especially on the weekend. The Summer Reading Program is fantastic for any age. There are also many VBS and meetings at various places in the area, good and fun things to do without spending loads of money.

Hope each of you have a safe and happy Fourth of July. This is a great day in the celebration of our nation and should be to everyone who lives here. If you drink alcoholic beverages, please do not drink and drive. Many times, there are accidents which involve drinking and innocent people are injured or killed. Don’t let this be something you will regret. Another safety tip, water and alcohol don’t mix so take care around the water or in boats or other watercraft. Make this a safe and happy holiday for all. If you are traveling during this time, please be safe. 

May God bless and keep you throughout the coming days and remember those who are less fortunate. Help where you can and have the opportunity. Remember those shut-in and visit when you can. Many in the nursing homes and rehab centers have no or almost no visitors and really love having a visit from someone. They especially love children, so take your child or grandchild with you. It will bring smiles to those people.

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