Gordonsburg/Little Swan News

By Dorothy Warf

Spring is here and the temperatures have been nice the last few days, some days in the seventies and others in the sixties. Although the wind has had a bite to it, still nice days. The trees and flowers even the wild ones along the creek seem to say spring is here with all the blooms showing around the area. The children have been out playing at least a little while for the past few days and the sunshine and fresh air is good for them.

The prayer list of those who are sick or shut-in or those in need of prayer, those I know of at this time are Mack Baker, G. Y. Bennett, Connie Bonner, Helen Brewer, Dorothy Brown, Mike Bunch, Dorothy Carroll, Jenny Carroll, Joann Carroll, Kathleen Carroll, Kenneth Carroll, Jimmy Cothran, Arelus Dye, Charles Dye, Evelyn Edwards, Glen Garrison, Elvis Hammack, Buddy Hensley, Florine Johnston, Anita Jones, Bobby Jean Jones, Monette King, Juanita King, Brenda Kirby, Edith Lawson, Ronnie Lewis, Greg McCann, William McCann, Wendy McKnight, Andrew Newbern, Becky Newbern, Angie Odom, Joan Peavyhouse, J. T. Runions, Mona Runions, Kenneth Wayne Seiber, Tommy and Gwen Shaw, Nell Skelton, Waylin Spears, Terry Stutts, Christie Trull, Bobby Watkins, Teresa Wicks, Annette Williams, Margie Willis, Marian Yates and Sherry Zimmermann. They would appreciate a visit, especially those in the nursing rehab centers as there are some who never have visitors. A card or call to those shut-in will also brighten their days.

Happy late birthday to Iris Carroll, to Ian and Brooklynn Carroll, March 30, Ricky Akridge, March 31, April Smith, April 1, Erik Odom, April 2, Lily Carroll, April 3rd, and Mandy Hinson and Lucas Baker the 5th; hope these have a great birthday and many more years to celebrate life

Our heartfelt sympathy to the families of Betty Jean Hargrove, Michael Anthony Pinkerton, Fannie Mae Carroll, Bobby Joe Milan, Cheri Lynn Worley, Ava Ann Cross Blackwood Provance; our prayers for these families and know that those close to them will help and comfort them in this time of sorrow and loss. We also pray for any other families that have lost loved ones that we may not know about.

Kaitlynn Tripp celebrated her birthday that is March 25th, on Sunday afternoon at the home of her aunt Jeanea Warf with friends and family enjoying cake and ice cream. Among those attending besides her great aunt Jeanea was her grandmother Selina Young, great grandmother Dorothy Warf, uncle Blake Chappell and cousin Jesse Eastep.

Thanks to the people at the Lewis County Herald, especially Glenda Atkinson, I had the opportunity to visit with some friends of my cousins Glenish Wade’s children, Glenda Roden, Sue Green, and Bonne Haigh who live in Delaware and Maryland this past week.  Donna and Joe Valiante said they had heard so much from their friends who visited here from time to time, thought while they were out traveling around would do a detour and see what this town really had that made it special. They stayed at the Meriwether Retreat. I might add that this is a beautiful place and I understand that Melissa is going to have another one like it opening in May. The one they stayed at is so neat and inviting and right in town. Of course, there were refreshments that were homemade left for them to enjoy. We got together on Tuesday at the Retreat and had a great visit. I took pictures on my laptop and she had some also so I got to see some family members that I had not seen, offspring of the offspring in the family. I really loved this and we talked about herbs and other things that we found we had in common. While dining at Hanks, they met, by chance, some of my neighbors, John and Judy Magg, and were to have a meal with them on Wednesday evening at Junkyard Dog after they joined us to watch one of my great granddaughter’s play t-ball. They also met some of our cousins at Hanks and the ball game. Then on Wednesday, we met at Hanks and enjoyed lunch together. I really enjoyed their visit even though I had not met them before.

Hope you have a great week and enjoy the world around you that God has prepared for us to enjoy. Maybe take time to see all the trees and flowers that are blooming in the area. Some are beginning to put out early gardens since we have had a few days of dry weather. There are supposed to be some thunderstorms, but, maybe, they will not be severe. May God bless and keep you and yours.

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