Gordonsburg/Little Swan News

By Dorothy Warf

We have been blessed with several wonderful days lately with the cool nights, but by mid-morning the temperatures have been in the sixties and then sunshine and warmer in the afternoon and the children could play outside without jackets and enjoy the summer like weather. The blackberries are in bloom so maybe we are ready for it to be really spring and not too much more weather that is so cold. It hurts some with bone ailments.

The prayer list of those who are sick or shut-in or those in need of prayer I know of at this time are Mack Baker, G. Y. Bennett, Timmy Bennett, Connie Bonner, Dorothy Brown, Dorothy Carroll, Jenny Carroll, Joann Carroll, Kathleen Carroll, Jimmy Cothran, Arelus Dye, Charles Dye, Evelyn Edwards, Glen Garrison, Buddy Hensley, Florine Johnston, Anita Jones, Monette King, Juanita King, Edith Lawson, Ronnie Lewis, Greg McCann, William McCann, Wendy McKnight, Andrew Newbern, Angie Odom, J. T. Runions, Mona Runions, Tommy and Gwen Shaw, Boyce Sims, Nell Skelton, Waylin Spears, Terry Stutts, Christie Trull, Bobby Watkins, Annette Williams, Margie Willis and Marian Yates. They would appreciate a visit, especially those in the nursing rehab centers where some reside who never have visitors, but a card or call to those shut-in will also brighten their days.

Happy birthday to Jamie Spears May 5, Donna Owen, Wayne Holloway and Brandon Morris May 6, to Gary Graham, Loyd Alan Warf, Tommy Tiller and Wanda Barber May 7, and Baylee Baxter May 9. We hope these have a great birthday and many more years to celebrate life.

Happy anniversary to Kevin and Melissa Grinder on May 6. Hope they have a great anniversary and many more years to celebrate life together.

Our heartfelt sympathy to the families of Glenn Patrick Chandler, Pearlene Daniel, Pauline Griffin, and Harney Ruben McCann Jr. Our prayers are for these, and that family and friends will be there to comfort them. We also pray for any other families who have lost loved ones that we may not know about.

With the warmer temperatures, many of the young people are venturing to the water and although the creeks around here never get really warm they are still really cold now. These young people seem to like the refreshing cold water for a little break from the heat of the day, especially when they are working. Many of the pools in the area and other places are getting ready to open and that will probably be an event of the next couple of weeks.

Mother’s Day is coming up on May 12. Those of you who still have your mother, please take time to spend time with her and show her how much she means to you for some day, and none of us are promised tomorrow, you will remember all the good times and the memories will be all you have left.

Remember the GYIDE Fish Fry coming up on May 4. They have such good food and lots of sides to go with it. The proceeds go to help some students who would like to attend a Christian college or university. You will certainly get your money’s worth.

Anyone interested in history of the area and other things of interest about the history of Lewis County and Hohenwald remember the meeting May 6 at the Strand Theater. Come and bring your interesting tid-bits and questions about Lewis County.

Praying you have a great week and enjoy the beautiful world around you that God has prepared for us to enjoy. The trees are fully leaved for the most part and the wild flowers and herbs are blooming. May you enjoy health and happiness in your life.

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