Gordonsburg/Little Swan News

By Dorothy Warf

The New Year is here and I hope you have set goals to make it a good year for you and your family. We need to remember the things that happen around us often influence plans we make and then we must change them to compliment the changes which come with life. Wishing each one of you a very happy New Year and one filled with health and happiness.

Those I know of sick in the nursing and rehab centers, hospitals, or shut-in at home and even those who just ask that we pray for them are: James Brewer, Connie Bonner, Dorothy Brown, Girdie Carroll, Jenny Carroll, Joann Carroll, Kathleen Carroll, Leighton Carroll, Betty Carroll, Jimmy Cothran, Joyce Davis, Roxie Davis, Arelus Dye, Charles Dye, Evelyn Edwards, Mary Field, Glen Garrison, Shirley Howe, Anita Jones, Bobby Jean Jones, Monet King, Juanita King, Brenda Kirby, Edith Lawson, Frank Lawson, John McDonald, Linda Mercer, Joan Peavyhouse, J. T. Runions, Jerry Runions, Mona Runions, Kenneth Wayne Seiber, Tommy and Gwen Shaw, Nell Skelton, Waylin Spears, Donald and Nancy Taylor, Bobby Watkins, Annette Williams, Margie Willis, Marian Yates and Sherry Zimmermann.

Happy birthday to Norma Beard, January 14 and to Amy Carroll, January 15. We wish for these a great birthday and many more years to celebrate life.

We send our heartfelt sympathy to the families of Gary Dwayne Goodman, Franklin D. Frazier, Stephen Douglas Frederick, Mary Sheryle Elkins and Mattie Marie Duncan. Our prayers are for the families, and that those close to them will help to comfort them in this time of sorrow and loss. We also pray for any other families who have lost loved ones of which we may not know.

Children are getting restless and most are ready to return to school. I know many parents are ready for them to return because most of them are bored with all they have and do not understand that this is the best time of their life. This is a time when they should enjoy every day, every sunrise and sunset and any other thing they see in life. There is so much to be thankful for and all of nature which shows the handiwork of God manifests such marvelous beauty. Even the little skunk or pole cat, as some call it, is a beautiful little creature as it wanders around the woods and forest.

Have a great new year and if you celebrate, may it will be with friends and family who appreciate you and not just someone you meet at places that do not show the love of God. May you be blessed with happiness and health and family that loves and cares for you no matter what comes in your life.

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