Hello Europe! Locals’ View From Across the Pond

Twenty five Lewis County citizens recently flew across the pond with EF (Education First) Tours. On the agenda were some of the most visited places in the world. During this trip, fears were faced, tears were shed, sights were seen and bonds were created. Printed in this week’s Herald were days 1-4. Look for photos of days 5-9 in the June 20th edition.
Participating in the educational tour were:
Kelly Hinson, Melissa Burney, Kaylie Hankins, Jessica Mercer, Kayla Dicus, Tori Walton, Calli Dye, Aby Brock, Dylan Crews, Sita Rayburn, Jessica Thaxton, Samantha Webb, Dakota Lewers, Michelle Reasons, Molly Reasons, Barrett Smith, Ashlyn Cameron, Stacy Smith, Karli Bennett, Melody Bailey, Morgan Bailey, Reagan Webb, Mylie McKissack, Justin Nash, Jan Hill.

To enroll in the Costa Rica 2020 trip, visit

To enroll in the Italy/Greece May 2021 trip, visit

Contact Melissa Burney at mburney8012@gmail.com



“it was such a pleasure to travel with this group. I made new friends, caught up with old friends and got to see students outside of school in a different way. I think the trip went off without a hitch. It was a trip of a lifetime and I hope we all get to travel again soon. Enjoyed the company of each and every person.”

“It was a beautiful experience seeing the faces of the group as we traveled city to city. I prayed that everyone would love international travel, and I think some have caught the travel bug now. I know I have.”

“We are looking for our next international adventure.”

“It was an amazing trip. Thanks to everyone for all of the organization before and during the trip. We had a great group!!”

“This was such a joy and an eye opening experience. I enjoyed our group and made new friends. The memories made will last a lifetime.”



Day 1: London : The Tube for transportation, Convent Garden, The House Calvary, Westminster Abbey, National Museum

Day 2: London : City bus tour of London, Changing of the Guards at James Place, Windsor Castle, St. George’s Chapel, Buckingham Palace, Appollo Victoria performance of Wicked, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Kensington Gardens

Day 3 : England : Stonehenge, Salisbury Cathedral, Averbury Manor and Garden

Day 4 : England : Roman Baths, Shakespeare’s family tomb at Holy Trinity Church, Shakespeare’s home, Stratford-Upon-Avon

Day 5 : Oxford : Sightseeing the town and covered market, rode the London Eye

Day 6 : London : The Tower of London, Queen Victoria and Albert Museum and Pad Thai for lunch

Day 7 : Paris : 200 mph Train Ride, Toured The Louvre, visited the Notre Dame Cathedral

Day 8 : Paris : Bus Tour, Montmartre for lunch, Paris River Cruise, Latin Quarter for Shopping, Montparnasse Tower for views

Day 9 : Paris : Eiffel Tower, Sightseeing

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