Henrietta, the Amazing Plant in Swiss Colony

By Elaine Churchwell

Flower106I just wanted to  update your readers as to the progress of Henrietta, my Century plant. As I mentioned in my article a few weeks ago that she was going to bloom and placed a picture, well the bloom cycle continues. As you can see in this picture, the plant is approximately 15 feet tall from ground to the tip of the stalk. It is as large as my Jeep sitting behind it and the stalk is taller than my house.

Many who have been following this plant have asked me when will we see the actual blooms? The stalk growing at an estimated two to three feet a week is pretty impressive, but the bloom itself may not be what you think it will be considering the size of the stalk and plant. It will not be a large flower. There will be little branches on the stalk and on the ends of these branches will be the blooms, usually yellow in color. It should take another two to three weeks for this plant to finish its bloom cycle, or maybe more.

Since I have never seen a Century plant bloom, I can only go by what I have researched on the internet. Several people have stopped by to see the plant close up and they agree with me that it is very massive in size and impressive to see.

I would like to thank the Lewis County Herald for printing these articles on Henrietta so their readers can enjoy the blooming process of this plant. She truly is an amazing plant.

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