By Don Jones,

Staff Writer

“With my whole heart have I sought thee: O let me not wander from thy commandments.” 

—  Psalms 119:10

Not much is a guarantee when it comes to life but here is one that we can all take to the bank.

The brevity of life is certain. Most don’t make it too a hundred years. Few make it to 90.  The scripture tells us that life is like a vapor. Here today and gone tomorrow.

Many will spend life, our short time on earth, seeking things of personal gain.  Many seek wealth, power, position, prestige or in some cases, just an accumulation of stuff.  In doing so, one could fail to achieve the things that are truly rewarding.

There are a few things we should do today. We should take time to listen.

Not via text message or smart phone or Facebook but actually hearing the voice of others. Isaiah 55:3 says “Incline your ear and come unto me. Hear and your soul shall live.”

Listen to others. Spouses, take time to talk. Parents and children, carry on fruitful conversations. Listen to your friends. Everyone needs a listening ear at times. Listening offers encouragement, it solves problems and it can bring comfort.

There is an old saying that says we never learn anything when we are talking. So listen to others. You might really be surprised what they have to say.

I further encourage you to listen to God. When we hear him and we heed his counsel, great things can occur. We receive his care and comfort when we take time to stop and listen to his word.

The word of God is pure, powerful and perfect. Listen to God.

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