Huge educational facility coming to Lawrence County

Sen. Hensley applauds creation of Lawrence County Higher Education Center

By Don Jones,

Staff Writer

State Senator Joey Hensley welcomed funding for the Lawrence County Higher Education Center in Lawrenceburg.  As announced by Gov. Bill Haslam at a celebration in Lawrenceburg on Saturday. This supports the Drive to 55 initiative’s educational attainment goals.

“This is tremendous news for Lawrence County,” said Hensley. “Tennessee needs more skilled workers. By creating the Lawrence County Higher Education Center, we are not just changing the lives of students with limited higher education options, but we are also strengthening our economy and workforce for years to come.”

The facility will be located near the intersection of Highways 43 & 64 just south of Lawrenceburg and will offer easy and quick access to students in surrounding communities, including Lewis County.

The unusual benefit of this facility is that it will house campuses for Tennessee Tech, Middle Tennessee State, Columbia State and the Tennessee College of Applied Technology.

The Lawrence County Higher Education Center will be a collaboration between public and private higher education institutions. Initial support comes from $4.6 million in state funds and $4.5 million in local funds. Lawrence County hopes to raise another $1.5 million in private funding to make the total commitment for the project 10.6 million.

The Higher Education Center can be attended tuition-free by Tennessee adults without a degree or certificate through the Tennessee Reconnect Act. Courses will also be offered to Tennessee Promise students. With affordable and expanded opportunities for higher education, Tennessee continues to work towards the Drive to 55 initiative to have 55 percent of Tennesseans earn a degree or certificate by 2025.

“Congratulations to the local officials and all of the stakeholders who have been working to expand higher education to rural areas,” added Hensley. “I applaud their hard work and dedication to keeping the future of Tennessee bright.”

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