Kids to the Country Program

The 1,700-acre rural community in southern middle Tennessee has a program called Kids to the Country (KTC). This program serves children from family homeless shelters, refugee centers and other social service agencies in metropolitan Nashville and brings them to experience nature. The Farm, located off Drake Lane in Summertown, offers wide open fields, year-round running streams, forests of oak, dogwood, hickory and pine, a natural lake for swimming, virtual menagerie of birds, deer, butterflies and reptiles.

The KTC has two categories of benefits that the children learn from, the educational benefits and the social and psychological benefits. During their stay, children go out in nature and learn to identify plants, both harmful and beneficial plants, experience eating healthy, nutritious meatless meals, learning to recycle and compost, learn astronomy and increase athletic skills through biking, horse riding and group games.

In addition, children are learning to have positive interactions in group settings, learning to identify personal strengths, widening of world views and experiencing a supportive environment.

The Farm is a protected paradise where kids get to ride and run free, under the watchful eyes of the big brothers and sisters that are trained, experienced counselors who keep everyone safe.

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