Late night shooting leaves one dead

Hohenwald Police Department responded to a 911 call involving gunfire on Roney Avenue Tuesday, October 9, around 1 a.m. Officers Tommy Barber and Kalum Halfacre arrived and secured a weapon from the home owner. The dispatch office received a call from a woman who said her husband had shot someone and believed the victim to be deceased.

Sgt. Larry Joe Hinson and Lt. Earl Taylor were also called to respond and the department secured the scene. Officers found the victim on the carport. His body was sent for an autopsy according to Lt. Taylor as standard procedure.

 The homeowner was taken and interviewed, then released. Other interviews were held later Tuesday. Lt. Taylor said he was working with the DA’s office and that more interviews would be conducted Wednesday as the investigation continues.

No charges have been placed at this time.

When asked about other recent events which happened in the same area of the city, Lt. Taylor replied that the Lewis County Sheriff Department is still looking for Nicholas Skelton concerning a September 15 shooting on Allison Avenue which left one in critical condition in Vanderbilt. Also a robbery suspect from a September 2 attack at McDonalds Restaurant has not been apprehended.

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