Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

This is in regard to our County Commissioners’ discussion on building a new jail.

Discussion: Our criminal justice system is pagan, costly, slow, ineffective and corrupt (benefitting big business, think seven million dollars and lawyers’s cost) when compared to the Bible. The penalties of fines, imprisonment, etc., devastates the criminal and his family (he can’t provide them, bank repo, job loss, etc., thus they go on welfare at taxpayers’ expense). Furthermore, victims of the crime suffer loss with no recompense.

Below are some ways which would eliminate the need for building a new county jail here in our county.

Restitution: In Exodus 22:1, it says that if a man steals an ox or a sheep and kills or sells it then he shall restore five times for the ox or four times for the sheep. The problem with criminal justice in our society, hardly no restitution is for the victim. And, by the time the state gets done with him, he has no ability to do so.

Stripes: In Deuteronomy 25:1-5, it says that if there be a controversy between men, and they come unto judgment, that the judges judge them; then if they justify the righteous, and condemn  the wicked and he is worthy to be beaten, that the judge shall cause him to be beaten according to his fault, by a certain number. (see also 22:18-19; Prov. 23:13; 2 Cor. 11:24).

Banishment: In Numbers 35:14, it says there will be six cities of refuge for a man who killed someone accidentally; in Ezra 7:26 , it says that whosoever will not do the law of thy God and thy king let judgment be executed speedily upon him, whether it be unto death, banishment, confiscation or imprisonment.

Other Ways: In Painesville Municipal Court in Ohio, the judge there gives a man or a woman found guilty the choice of punishment such as bicycling to raise money for a good cause instead of doing 60 days in jail, or a woman spending time at the dump instead of 30 days in jail, etc. The crime rate is much lower than what it was before thus saving both those who were found guilty and the taxpayers much money.

Putting God, the Bible and Prayer back into our schools: This would do much in lowering the crimes committed in our county such as drugs, drunk driving, etc., for faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God, especially when our youth hear and know God’s law. A godless people commit much more crime than the godly.

Ted Pratt,

539 Locust Street

Hohenwald, TN 38462


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