Lewis County Finance Officer resigns after arrest

A letter of resignation from Lewis County Finance & Human Resource Officer Blair Scott was accepted Tuesday by Lewis County Mayor Jonah Keltner, a short time after Scott was arrested by Hohenwald Police.

Scott, 47, was charged with shoplifting after video surveillance at Hohenwald Wal Mart showed him failing to scan food and other items in a self check out line.  Hohenwald Police Department records indicate video from August 24, 2019 showed him failing to scan a gallon of sweet tea valued at $2.86, marshmallows valued at $2.24, a bag of animal food at $18.98 and other food items valued less than $5.  

He was seen by a Wal Mart employee removing a bar code from a less expensive lantern and placing it on a more expensive lantern, then scanning it.  The higher priced lantern was valued at $14.97 and the lesser priced at $3.46.  He admitted to the allegation of removing the lower priced bar code and scanning it to get the higher priced lantern, a Hohenwald Police report states.  

Officials with County Technical Assistance Services were in the mayor’s office early Wednesday assisting with office duties.  Mayor Keltner stated an audit will be conducted of the office, a standard procedure.

“We will get through this.  We’ve got a good team.  Sandra [Collins] and Renee [Odom] have already jumped in to help,” the mayor stated.

Scott is scheduled to appear in Lewis County Court on November 7, 2019.

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