Logging accident claims second life

In the span of one month, a second Lewis County man has died as a result of a logging accident near Linden.

Perry County Sheriff’s Office personnel responded to a call on April 6, 2016 to a logging accident at 6762 Highway 412 West in Linden at approximately 10:21 a.m.

William Earl Barnes Jr., “Dolittle,” of 475 McCord Road in Hohenwald was found by his son, James Earl Barnes, under a fallen tree. According to a law enforcement report, James Earl Barnes told deputies he got on the knuckle boom and removed the tree and then went for help.

“It looked like William Earl had been cutting timber out of a fence row, leaving tree tops behind him” Chief Deputy Bart Rosson, first on the scene, explained. “It was bad windy that day and the gusts were high. Most likely the wind caught the tree.” Deputy Rosson went on to explain that it appeared Barnes had turned as if to get away, but apparently had became entangled in the tree tops. “His son found him. It was heartbreaking,” he concluded.

Perry County Emergency Management Service Director Gary Rodgers was also at the scene. William Earl Barnes was transported to Perry Community Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Just last month, Jake Tenison of Hohenwald, was also killed in a tragic logging accident in Perry County. The accidents were not at the same location, Chief Deputy Rosson commented.

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