Meth labs on the increase

Hohenwald Police Chief Larry Joe Hinson said Wednesday 17 drug cases had been charged in January of this year by a joint City/County drug task force. For the entire year, 2010, there were 17 meth charges placed in Hohenwald.

An increase of 320 percent for meth seizures in Lewis County alone was recorded by the state Methamphetamine Task Force. The increase is notable he said and costly.

When a house is quarantined, two officers must be called to the scene to be on duty until the building is inspected by an industrial chemical hygienist.

When a mobile meth lab, more prevalent of late, is discovered, one additional certified officer must attend to the scene. Mobile meth labs contribute to the rise in number of meth lab busts for January 2011 as the illegal drug is “cooked” in a common soda bottle.

When a hole is cut in the cap and tubing inserted, meth cookers can create the toxic substance in about an hour, Chief Hinson told the City Council Tuesday.

Statewide, meth lab busts are up 69 percent.

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