MLEC announces Houston, Humphreys, Perry counties hit hard

Updated 1:24 p.m., October 28, 2019

Meriwether Lewis Electric Cooperative reports slow but steady progress as they work to restore power to those still without electricity in Perry, Humphreys and Houston counties following storms over the weekend. Some 4000 remain without power this morning as crews rolled out for another hard day of clearing roads and replacing numerous broken poles.

MLEC crews, as well as crews from neighboring utilities, have several widespread areas to cover, including:

Houston County –Crews are targeting Old Highway 49, Highway 13 North, and Highway 231 at the Humphreys and Houston county lines among others.

Humphreys County – Crews are looking to make progress in McEwen and in the area of Highway 70 East to McEwen. Repairs are also ongoing on Highway 13 North out of Waverly,  New Johnsonville, and the Clydeton Road area.

Perry County – Areas of focus today include Deer Creek and the north side of Crooked Creek. Also, bulldozers and other equipment are fighting their way to clear Toms Creek, Roans Creek, Driftwood, and the other side of Crooked Creek so that line crews will have access for repairs.

“The amount of damage is extensive and widespread. Covering so many miles across three rural counties with this much debris is a long and tedious job, but MLEC and crews from Duck River EMC, Middle Tennessee EMC, Sequachee Valley EC, Davis Elliott, Trees, Inc., Chickasaw EC and others are making slow and steady process,” says MLEC President and CEO Keith Carnahan.  “We can’t thank our members enough for their patience and understanding as crews work as quickly and safely as possible. We appreciate everyone’s support and send our thoughts and prayers to those who have faced property damage and are also working to recover.”

UPDATED 9:16 p.m., October 27,2019

From our partners at Meriwether Lewis Electric Cooperative: Day 2 of power restoration efforts for Perry, Humphreys and Houston counties has been tough but productive.  In many areas, we have to clear the path before gaining access to damaged equipment and completely rebuild lines. With the help of crews from Duck River EMC, Middle Tennessee EMC, Sequachee Valley EC, Davis Elliott, Trees, Inc. and others, we have restored power to several thousand today, but we have several more to go. With such extensive damage and impassable roads there have been increased safety hazards. Crews will work into the night before suspending efforts and restarting in the morning. MLEC thanks those crews here to help and our members for their patience as we work as quickly and safely as possible. 

October 27, 2019, Early Sunday: Lewis Electric Cooperative were hard at work Sunday working to restore power as quickly and safely as possible to members. 

Outages are primarily in Perry, Humphreys, and Houston counties. Crews have already replaced some 75 poles with more to come.

“We have approximately eight additional crews, some contract, some from other utilities working in the areas,” Memori DePriest said in a press release. “With the number of broken poles across the service territory, it will be several days before some areas are restored.”

If you do not have electric service, or know of someone who does not have electricity, please call your local office or the after-hours call center at 1-888-879-6038.  Have your phone number, address and name on the MLEC account ready.

MLEC also shares these safety and outage reminders:

• If you or someone in your home uses special medical equipment, follow your emergency plan and make arrangements to be moved to a location that has electricity.  

• Contact MLEC if you see power lines on the ground and do not try to move them. If touched, they could cause electrocution or serious injury. 

• Use extreme caution when using a generator. If you own a generator, contact MLEC. A generator can send electricity back through electric lines and electrocute linemen or others involved in restoration efforts. See for proper generator installation and use.

• If the weatherhead at your home is torn down, an electrician will need to repair this before MLEC can restore power.

• Keep refrigerators and freezers closed as much as possible.

Also, if you are an MLConnect customer and your power has returned but your Internet has not, contact our customer care team for assistance. Just call your local MLEC office and choose OPTION 6.

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