Mosquito, Be Gone! Nature’s remedy to the pesky blood suckers

By Amanda Curtis,

Staff Writer

Summer is here. Roasting marshmallows around a campfire on a warm night surrounded by friends, family, the forest and the moon is a familiar occurrence this time of year. Unfortunately, so is the act of swatting at hard-to-see, flying pests that will literally suck your blood (insert Count Dracula’s accent and laugh).

Seriously, though. Mosquitoes are able to ruin any fun-filled night with one thirsty bite. Outside of insect repellent, what can be done to redirect their appetite from your blood-filled body?

Introducing, a step up the food chain: dragonflies. These flying predators are hailed as nature’s form of mosquito control. Each can eat up to 100 adult mosquitoes per day and are many times more effective in their hunt with mosquitoes in their larval stage.

There is no call or whistle that attracts them, but there are plants that may be added to the garden space that will!

Land plants that attract dragonflies include Black-Eyed Susan, Swamp Milkweed, Joe-Pye Weed, Meadow Sage, White Yarrow.

Pond/Shoreline plants that can be grown in and around bodies of water include Wild Celery, Water Horsetail, Cattail and Water Lily.

Now, get to planting and enjoy your summer!

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