No true bill found in shooting incident

Officials with the District Attorney’s office reported this week a case involving the shooting death of Scott David Rubin was closed in May when presented to the Lewis County Grand Jury.

“The case was presented to the Grand Jury and they issued a no true bill,” Assistant District Attorney Stacey Edmonson said.  Meeting the first Monday in May, evidence was submitted, which reportedly included a surveillance video.

Upon arrival at the scene on Slippery Creek Road, January 21, 2017, Lewis County law enforcement officials found the body of Rubin lying in the road with a single shell casing nearby.  Unofficial reports say a video showed Rubin attack Richard Cortez with a pipe as Cortez drove past on a four-wheeler.  Cortez, a licensed handgun carry permit holder and military veteran, apparently shot Rubin in self defense.  

Neither law enforcement nor any member of the district attorney’s office would comment further on the case.

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