Under and by virtue of a Power of Sale contained in that certain Deed of Trust executed on June 25, 2009 by Joe Landis and Beth Landis to Entrust Tennessee fbo IRA #32TR16008, Lender and M. Todd Jackson, Trustee(s), which was recorded on July 10, 2009 in Record Book 115 at Page 533, Lewis County, Tennessee Register of Deeds.

NOW, THEREFORE, notice is hereby given that the entire indebtedness has been declared due and payable as provided in said Deed of Trust by the Holder, and that as agent for the undersigned, M. Todd Jackson, Trustee, by virtue of the power and authority vested in him, will on April 19, 2016, at 11:00AM on the front steps of the Lewis County Courthouse, Hohenwald, Tennessee, proceed to sell at public outcry to the highest and best bidder for cash, the following described property situated in Lewis County, Tennessee, to wit:

Situated in the Third (3rd) Civil District of Lewis County, Tennessee, and being more particularly described as follows:

Beginning on an iron pin the southwest corner of Holloway and a corner of J. G. Vickers and running thence south 155 feet to a point in a road; thence with the road the following courses and distances; north 84 degrees 30 minutes east 35 feet, south 83 degrees 30 minutes east 100 feet, south 59 degrees east 50 feet, south 42 degrees east 50 feet, south 31 degrees east 50 feet, south 10 degrees east 50 feet, south 1 degree 30 minutes west 225 feet to a point; thence north 67 degrees east, passing an iron pin at 25 feet, in all 507 feet to a point in a hollow road; thence with the road north 57 degrees 30 minutes west 84 feet, north 36 degrees west 540 feet to an iron pin in Holloway’s fence; thence with his line south 74 degrees west 46 feet, south 79 degrees west 100 feet, south 57 degrees west 124 feet, south 51 degrees west 107 feet to the point of beginning, containing 6.2 acres, more or less, according to survey of Thomas E. Lawson, Registered Land Surveyor, Tennessee License No. 650, dated November, 1986.

This conveyance is made subject to the right-of-way for roads along the east and west boundaries of the above-described property.

Included in the above described property but expressly excluded from this conveyance is the following described parcel conveyed to Michael R. McClain and wife, Rebecca J. McClain, by deed of Thomas N. Nash and wife, Addie Bell Nash, dated November 13, 1991, of record in Deed Book A-55, page 247, ROLCT;

Lying and being situated in the Seventh (7th) Civil District of Lewis County, Tennessee, bounded on the north by Michael McClain, east by Tom Nash, south by Deerwood Road, west by Michael McClain, and more particularly described as follows:

Beginning at an iron pin, said iron pin being a southeast corner of Michael McClain, the northernmost northwest corner of Tom Nash’s 6.2 acre tract of which this is a part, and being the northwest corner of the tract being described; thence with a fence north 49 degrees 21 minutes 33 seconds east 74.79 feet to an axle corner; thence south 20 degrees 09 minutes 50 seconds east 197.57 feet to an axle corner in the north right-of-way of Deerwood Road; thence with the said right-of-way north 85 degrees 34 minutes 20 seconds west 125.23 feet to an iron pin; thence leaving said right-of-way north 127.08 feet to the point of beginning, containing 0.34 acres, as per survey of Kenneth Carroll, Route 1, Box 231, Mt. Pleasant, Tennessee 38461, Registered Land Surveyor No. 1335, dated November 11, 1991.

This conveyance is made subject to restrictions recited in Deed Book A-45, page 197, ROLCT, as follows:

This lot is restricted against use as a junkyard, storage of abandoned motor vehicles, or any other unsightly use which would tend to lower the value of the property or other property in the neighborhood, and this restriction may be enforced by the grantors, any other of the grantees in this subdivision, their heirs and assigns.

Parcel ID Number: 040-003.16

Said property is commonly known as 149 Deerwood Rd. Hohenwald, TN 38462.

Current Owner(s): Beth Landis, a married person

Other Interested Party(ies): Precision Recovery Analytics, Inc. for GE Money Bank

The sale of the property described above shall be subject to all matters shown on any recorded plat; any and all liens against said property for unpaid property taxes; any restrictive covenants, easements or set-back lines that may be applicable; any prior liens or encumbrances as well as any priority created by a fixture filing; a deed of trust; and any matter than an accurate survey of the premises might disclose; and

All right and equity of redemption, statutory or otherwise, homestead, and dower are expressly waived in said Deed of Trust, and the title is believed to be good, but the undersigned will sell and convey only as Substitute Trustee. The right is reserved to adjourn the day of the sale to another day, time, and place certain without further publication, upon announcement at the time and place for the sale set forth above.

This office is attempting to collect a debt. Any information obtained will be used for that purpose.

M. Todd Jackson, Trustee

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