Panthers fall in Regional playoffs

By Sophia West,



Stands were full of support during the game, cheering on the players and coaches when the Lewis County Panthers baseball team went up against Nolensville Knights on Monday, May 13, 2019. 

In the first inning, the Panthers started out getting base hits, but never reached home plate. Catcher Denton Webb smashed a hit to left field, followed by right fielder Mikey Ortiz getting a base hit. Unfortunately, the Panthers finished inning one, 0-1.

Starting the second inning, Lewis County’s offense had multiple base hits. Blake Carroll, second baseman for Lewis County, hit a line drive to the Nolensville pitcher that was called out. In addition, Lewis County’s Slade Moseley, had a great hit to center field, followed by three other players, but none scored.

“Cameron pitched a great game, well enough to win a ballgame, we just made errors behind him,” said head coach Tim Tiller.

Lewis County’s defense allowed only three batters to the plate and sealed the inning  with three up, three down. Heading into the fifth, Nolensville led by seven runs, but the Panthers came out strong. The Panthers earned some base hits, but fell short due to Nolensville’s defense.

Lewis County responded  with strength at the top of the sixth.  Left fielder Jerrid Runions made the first out, followed by shortstop Slade Moseley with the second and first baseman, Zach Benson made the final out to hold Nolensville scoreless.

The seventh inning saw the Panthers come out swinging, but they did not get past Nolensville’s defense.  Final score, 0-8, Nolensville.

Overall, the Lewis County Panthers fought hard all evening against the Nolensville Knights, falling short and ending the 2018-2019 season for the Panthers.

“I’m proud of our boys for getting here, we have to get over the getting here mentality,” said head coach, Tim Tiller, “They’ve had a great year, a great career, our seniors, I’m proud of them.”

Upon graduation, the Panthers have two potential signees, pitcher and senior, Cameron Cotham and right fielder and senior, Mikey Ortiz.

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