Planning Commission: Burger King is still a “go”

Meeting Monday February 4, 2019, the Planning Commission cleared up some rumors floating around town that the highly anticipated burger franchise had backed out of bringing their business to Hohenwald. However, after recently contacting Brad Rasbury, building and codes inspector, regarding signage, Burger King’s plans are  still a go. Rasbury says, “They are having to take out 9 foot down, and it’s a terrible time of year to get compaction.”

A discussion was held regarding Councilman Ray Brewer’s planned subdivision on Kimmins Street. Plans are coming together, and he is looking forward to providing housing within the community.

The city council meeting held Tuesday, February 5, 2018 included no new business. Council members, however, made themselves available to the 2019 Leadership Lewis class. During the session, students were able to come to the council with questions regarding policies and procedures commonly addressed by the City Council.

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