School Board Meets in Regular Session

The Lewis County Board of Education met in regular session on Tuesday, January 8, 2019 at the Board Meeting Room on South Court Street. With the exception of Marti Lomax, all members were present: Chairman Phyllis Townsend, Vice Chair Glenda Atkinson, Ritchie Brewer, Johnny Clayton, Derek Cotham, Cassie Couch, Lindsey Himes and Nancy McDonald.

The Consent Agenda was approved:  minutes from the December 11, 2018 board meeting, adopted agenda, surplus property and second quarter warrants.

Director Benny Pace stated he approved request of leave for Sandy Stacy, special ed assistant, until January 7, 2019;  accepted the resignation of Nicki Lewis, food service secretary, and transferred Rita Atkinson, LMCS cafeteria worker, to the position. Shane Baker, LCMS eighth grade history teacher, was transferred to the attendance supervisor position. Jonathan Cody Owen was employed as LCMS 8th grade history teacher.

Michelle Keating was employed as LCHS math teacher. Micaela Hicks was employed as LCMS interim sixth grade science teacher. Ciara Bowen was employed as interim special education teacher.

Director Pace reported all locks have been replaced at the elementary and intermediate schools. He stated the final January BEP estimates show an increase of $9,000. The increase is a result of increase in medical insurance.

Director Pace stated the maintenance personnel were working on the high school roof to try and prevent ongoing leaks. Matt Buckner, Structural Engineer with EDT Construction Company, has been contacted to do an assessment on the roof.

Director Pace discussed the possibility of paying part of retired personnel medical insurance in the future. He stated this would be reoccurring money and would be an estimated additional cost of $50,000-$80,000 per year. He told board members that he would keep them informed on the updated information as soon as more was available.

Director Pace gave a report regarding medical insurance and the comparison of Lewis County Schools  with surrounding county schools.

Atkinson inquired about the replacement of the school’s attorney since Mr. Spitzer’s resignation. Director Pace informed board members that Jack Heath will probably be the new attorney for the Lewis County Board of Education. Mr. Heath is a partner with Mr. Spitzer’s law firm.

McDonald inquired about the sixth grade calculators being purchased. Mrs. Feichtinger informed members that the calculators have been purchased and the students began using them on Monday.

Chairman Townsend reminded board members they were requested to stay over at

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