Senator Hensley announces 2019-2020 TN Arts Commission Grants for Area Nonprofits


I am pleased to release a list of grant award recipients from the Tennessee Arts Commission for Fiscal Year 2020 (July 1st, 2019- June 30th, 2020). This is the first of a series of grants that will be made throughout Fiscal Year 2020. The following recipients are from Maury County. These recipients include the following;

• The City of Columbia received a CP grant for $8,000 dollars.

• Maury County Public Schools received an Arts 360 grant for $20,000 dollars. This grant supports whole-school art integration programs to improve instruction and increase student outcomes through art integration.

• South Central TN Development District received an Arts Build Communities-Designated Agency grant for $23,350 dollars. This grant supports organizations that serve as regional designated agencies for the management of Arts Build Communities grants.

The Watershed Public Theater received three grants.

• The first grant is an Arts Access grant for $5,300 dollars. This grant provides direct support for arts organizations that focus on increasing access to underserved and underrepresented people which may include; ethnic groups, people with disabilities , people age 65 years or older, military members, and veterans and their families.

• The second grant is an Arts Education-Community Learning grant for $900.00 dollars. This grant supports projects that demonstrate creative and innovative arts education programs in community settings and non-traditional school environments, for populations of all ages, that directly involve participants in hands on learning experiences that focus on performing, visual, traditional folk, and/or literacy arts. 

• Lastly, the third grant for the Watershed Public Theater is an Arts Project Support grant for $4,910 dollars. This grant provides support for arts projects and related activities in urban counties in varying programmatic areas and artistic disciplines that focus on community engagement and participation.

I am glad that these investments in arts programming for Tennessee’s communities and schools have been awarded to Maury County. These funds will have a positive impact in our community and I look forward to seeing the many improvements these grants help make.

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