Storms roll through Lewis Tuesday

By Hulon Dunn

Editor and Publisher

Lightning Strike

Historic Catalpa tree damaged by lightning.

A series of electrical storms rolled across Lewis County Tuesday morning, August 2, dumping as much as three inches in some parts of the county. Lightning strikes caused damage to at least two homes.

Around 7 a.m., Jim Graves’ home on Summertown Highway suffered damage when lightning struck a Catalpa tree, followed a root, cracking a sidewalk and ran into the house causing a light bulb to explode and knocking out power. Bark was blown at least fifty yards away. Graves said he remembered swinging from a limb of that tree years ago when his grandfather was alive. “Grandpa Barham brought Catalpa seeds to Lewis County when the Tennessee River was dammed to form Kentucky Lake, flooding his Perry County farm land. He loved fishing and used the Catalpa worms for bait.” Graves said the four foot diameter tree will likely die and have to be cut down.

A second home located on Longbranch Road was also affected by lightning, filling it with smoke. The Fire Department responded to both calls.

Emergency Management Director Daniel Atkinson said that trees were reported down on Indian Creek Road and on Highway 20 east of the Natchez Trace.

High water road flooding was seen near Yoder’s Market also on Highway 20.  The storms cleared the area after noon.

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