Strand Theatre Summer Camp June 19-30

By Scarlette Woodall,

Theatre Director

The eighth annual Regional Theatrical Youth Camp is set to begin June 19 and conclude June 30, 2017 culminating with a public ticketed production. 

The camp program will entail two age divisions: Level I is for girls and boys ages 5-8 years and Level II is for girls and boys ages 9-18 years.Level I is age appropriate with fewer hours of training required. Level II is a full 50 hours of theatrical training plus a guaranteed role in this year’s production of “Bye, Bye Birdie, Jr.” Due to popular demand, a second show will be set for July 2, 2017.

The Strand Theatre camp experience has proven over the test of time that numerous students have gained surmounting confidence, thus opening even more doors to their careers in addition to the dramatic arts. With each passing year, the camp roster grows, not only in numbers but in regional participation.

On behalf of the Hohenwald Arts Council, I am truly appreciative for this program and the opportunities this two week performing arts training camp provides for our youth,” Scarlette Woodall stated.

The Strand Camp program will once again be under the direction of Cindy Brown, assisted by her husband, Kenny Brown. Mr. and Mrs. Brown are very talented and do a fantastic job educating attendees on drama, voice and performance allowing the camp students the direction to bring the production to life.

The 2017 Strand Theatrical Regional Camp is sponsored by Oliver Companies. For more information on registration, tuition cost, and scholarship qualifications, call (931) 628-8277.

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