‘The city has been nothing but good to me’ Hohenwald Police Chief Sam Livingston


Rumors began flying early in the day Monday, June 10, about a shake up in the Hohenwald Police Department. When I visited Chief Sam Livingston Tuesday to check out the rumors, he said they have been circulating for several months.

Livingston said he and City Mayor Danny McKnight had a conversation some time ago about changes in direction in the department. “I told the Mayor that if he needed to make a change, I would do what he wanted. Obviously I didn’t know that change was coming yesterday. The Mayor said he was going in a different direction and that I wasn’t part of that direction. I only asked him if I could get my 20 years in and retire to which he agreed. The City has been nothing but good to me.”


“I have worked for five mayors. Every election would make me anxious. I won’t miss that.”

Livingston moved to Hohenwald from Florida in 1991 with his family. He spent six years with the Lewis County Sheriff Department before joining the Hohenwald Police Department in June of 1999.

Kip Kelsey has been named new Police Chief by the City to take over leadership Thursday, June 13, according to Livingston.

“I care about our department. I will help Kip any way I can to make a smooth transition. I hired Kip to the force in 2005. We are good friends and respect each other,” continued Livingston.

Asked about his future, Livingston said, “I have made many friends and contacts through the Police Officers Association. I put my faith in God to show me the next step in my life. I have no gripes or complaints.”

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