“This is a great team, and you have a chance to

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Story and pictures /Graham Kilsby

Those were the words of Lewis County High School Panther coach, Bobby Sharp, as he gathered his team together underneath the goal posts at the end of Friday night's exciting game against Camden.

“This was a must win game,” continued Sharp as he applauded them. “One of the most important games of the year, and you beat them. It was a great win; well done”.

It was indeed a great win, but with only three quarters of the home team stands filled, it was not enjoyed by as many as had been expected. “It's just too much money,” said one father as he waited at half time. ”It's $8.00 for me to get in and another $8.00 for each child you bring. And some of these kids are just eight years old. Now that quickly becomes a very expensive evening especially when the first thing the kids want when they get in is soda, popcorn, hot dogs and hamburgers, I don't know why they don't have kids under ten years of age at $5.00. Even that would help.” Gate prices for playoffs are set by TSSAA.

Needless to say, it was a well deserved twelfth win of the season for this Panther team who, undefeated, now go on to play Westview in this Friday's home game. Go Panthers, make history!

make history for this school” – Coach Bobby Sharp

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