Wreck on Main

IMG_4868James T. Kent, 23, of Collierville, waited while Hohenwald Police assessed his wreck at 3 a.m. Saturday, June 2. A passing motorist stopped when she saw Kent’s BMW partially in the roadway directly across from Lewis County High School on West Main. A second vehicle came up behind, stopped and went to investigate finding Kent asleep at the wheel. Emergency responders were dispatched and determined that Kent was not injured. Kent passed a field sobriety test administered by Hohenwald Police Officer Robert Fransen. Taylor’s Wrecker Service pulled the vehicle out of the ditch. Kent stated that he was on his way to the Armory in Hohenwald, having left the Memphis area the day before, and didn’t realize he had driven past it. Kent left turned around and headed back to the Armory to finish his nap before the day’s activities started after sunrise.

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