WWIA Purple Heart Turkey Shoot (Video Included)

With turkeys abound in the woods and on the property, DoubleCreek sponsored the 5th Annual Turkey Hunt for Purple Heart heroes through WWIAF (Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation).

These Purple Heart veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan initiatives sustained injuries that will have a life-long impact on their overall health and well-being. Heroes from MI, TX, AL, and KY participated with the assistance of local volunteer guides Joel Crofton, Dan Thomas, Jakub Trull, and Jimmy Walker.  The local volunteer guides are an integral part of the success of these events as evident in a note from a participant:

“Words cannot do justice to the experience myself and the follow heroes were treated to this weekend. Thank you all, Jimmy, Jake, Joel, and Dan for volunteering your time and efforts. This is truly a place that will hold on in my thoughts forever.”

This weekend of sportsmanship also offers a setting that encourages these Heroes to connect with other Purple Heart recipients who understand the impact of being a wounded warrior.

This is the fifth-year Dennis Reynolds and Shelley Cohen of DoubleCreek have hosted a turkey hunt for WWIA.  It is the love of the outdoors, sportsmanship and the need to connect with other Warriors that is critical to the healing process.  Whether it is traumatic brain injury, limb/back disability or post- traumatic stress disorder, or survivor’s guilt- these events bolster self-confidence while strengthening a bond with nature and others.

The support of the local community helps to ensure the success of these events and we extend a big thank you to our volunteer guides as well as those who helped with food preparation.  Financial support for hunting licenses were provided through a generous grant from the NRA Foundation, and travel costs were supported through a generous donation by Highland Corporation who also donated 5 cases of water to cover all 3 events for 2019. Many thanks to our Game Warden Clint Newton for donating the ice and making time to have breakfast with these warriors.

It is the support of the community that means the most to these heroes- “I did not know this many people really cared about us-I just can’t believe how great this is.” Whether it is cooking or baking for the event (Thank you Amy Reynolds, Betty Hinson, Debbie Crofton) for volunteering your time to prepare for the events- WWIA offers many opportunities for the community to give back to these deserving heroes.

The Middle Tennessee Chapter of the Emergency Nurses Association also donated Kroger gift cards to assist with the cost of groceries.

  The Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation was founded in 2007 and is dedicated to serving our nation’s combat wounded, Purple Heart recipients, by providing world-class outdoor sporting activities.  This recognition of their sacrifice promotes healing and wellness through camaraderie and a shared passion for the outdoors.

Those interested in donating their time, funds, or other items, please contact Dennis Reynolds at 615 969 1078.

A documentary featuring DoubleCreek and interviews with WWIA Purple Heart veterans who have benefited from these events is available for viewing by visiting our website at www.lewisherald.com and searching for the headline.

group shot with shelley and guides the heroes best photo

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